The University of Alabama Environmental Graphics Implementation

About This Project

A new Wayfinding Graphics Master Plan was developed in conjunction with Campus Master Plan development by KPS in Birmingham, AL. A series of modular components with a consistent, traditional aesthetic were designed to limit information overload by grouping primary destinations into neighborhoods and districts throughout the campus. Existing branding standards were consistently implemented within the signage system and the traditional architecture, existing throughout the campus, was complimented by the brick and precast elements used for primary identification graphics. Color, copy and destination standards were documented in the Master Plan with an analysis of information needed at both the vehicular and pedestrian level. The university’s image corridor was expanded as the approach to the main campus was uneventful and lacked any gateway, boundary marker or pageantry elements to reinforce the wayfarer’s sense of arrival at a major university campus.


Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Environmental | Wayfinding, Master Plan
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